The Model S has a hidden pocket on the front of the driver seat only. I’m not sure why they didn’t put it on both front seats, but since the storage inside the Tesla for odds and ends is very limited, the pocket is a nice touch. Before I bought my Tesla I couldn’t find any pictures of the pocket online and it was hard to visualize so I went over to the store to check it out. Hopefully the pictures below will help someone else in the future.

Front seat pocket - empty

Front seat pocket – empty

When I first drove the car I put my phone in the cubby under the 17″ screen, but over the last few days I find myself putting it in the pocket on the front of the seat. While it seems like it would be in the way, it actually fits well there and is nicely padded/soft as I don’t use a case on my phone.

Front seat pocket with phone

Front seat pocket with phone

Other people use it to store Chargepoint cards and things like that, but so far I think its just going to be for my phone. Tesla has bluetooth audio that works with your phone but if you want to pick a specific song or playlist you need to navigate to it using the phone’s interface so you will have to reach for it every once in a while and its nice to have it handy. For me, the cubby is out of reach of my arms unless I lean forward so that was also a consideration.

The front seat pocket is a really nice touch and adds some minor storage without adding any clutter to the car.